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Wonderland - Rob Browatzke I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Actual rating is more like... 2.5... maaaybe 3 stars. But probably not.

Let's just put it this way, there were some characters who made this read bearable for me, and Alex, our hero, was NOT one of them. But the twins? Even Brandon and the Caterpillar? Yeah. They were worth it. The rest was not. I don't want to say this was trash, because that would *definitely* be too harsh, but I will say... it was really REALLY all over the place, and NOT in a good "Wonderland-esque" way, either. It seemed without direction and furthermore pointless at times, dragging on and on and getting nowhere, only to suddenly throw that ranty-psychotic ending at us and expect us, the reader, to be okay with it. only to sum everything up all happy-happy for a quickly hashed together epilogue that once again seemed quite pointless and did nothing to help me like the book even an inkling more. I feel like I just wasted the last couple hours I've spent on and off reading this book.

I was SO looking forward to this one, too. Queer Alice In Wonderland!!! How could this have possibly gone so wrong???? Honestly. HOW.

I just have no words.