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Love Volume 1: The Tiger

Love Volume 1: The Tiger - Frederic Brremaud, Federico Bertolucci This review can be found in its entirety on my blog:
Reckless Indulgence | of the Written Word

This story was wonderfully told, like a silent film. There were no words, only visual stimulus to tell a well-thought out tale… of nature and beauty, and a savage, ancient love we as human beings will never understand. It was a true telling of “the circle of life” and all that truly entails. No singing and dancing. Just life and death. Survival of all, not just the fittest. Mankind has long since clung to that belief, that they are the fittest, the most intelligent and technologically advanced, and thus they can do what they want…. but not only is that arrogance, it is also illustrating every ounce of Man’s ignorance and prideful, selfish ways. Humans do not truly understand what it means to be part of this great world we live in. That everything has its place, and sometimes the predator gets its prey. Sometimes the prey outfits its predators. And sometimes, more times than most would admit, no one comes out “on top”. It is just a random thread on the loom of fate.

Tiger tries everything to just get himself a meal, and EVERYTHING goes against him, tries to kill or eat him, or just outright chases him away. In the end, he finds himself face to face with a predator who thinks far too highly of himself (with his guns and his tents to protect him), and that overconfidence, that lack of respect and understanding of nature and his place in it, is ultimately what gets him killed.

A poignant story, indeed. Let’s hope trigger-happy idiots don’t decide to use it for their own “WE MUST KILL THE BEAST” campaign, as that would once again only prove the lack of any understanding at all.

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