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Training Their Mate

Training Their Mate - Vella Day More like 1.5 Stars, to be honest.

What the hell did I just read?

I have no idea how I came to read an erotica this bad. I just don't understand why it went so horribly downhill when it had such an interesting premise and synopsis.

But none of that mattered once I began reading. I found myself hating everyone, and in the few moments I actually liked the brothers... they did or said or acted in some way that was such a turn-off I literally found myself right back to disliking everyone in the book again.

It was an endless cycle of idiocy without a point. There was sex, randomly broken up with scenes of them "supposedly doing something like chasing a bad guy who really has no point except to be there as someone for them to chase after like a damned phantom" only for all their supposedly professional top-notch tracking skills to FAIL. EPICALLY. So that they could return home for more sex could be had.

And idiocy. Did I mention complete and utter, horribly written idiocy?

Listen. I know it's supposed to be an erotica, which means by default there's going to be a lot of PWP... But this was ridiculous. I've read erotica where there's actually still a POINT and PLOT going on somewhere within its pages WITHOUT the characters (especially FEMALE characters) coming across as empty, shallow, idiotic sex-addicts who've suddenly "seen the light" and cannot stop thinking about their amped-up libidos and cock.


I swear to you such erotic DOES EXIST. And it's GOOD. And enjoyable. And interesting. And NOT SO VERY POINTLESS.

This book is not such a title. It doesn't even make up for it with the delicious, shifter, sexually open brothers menage aspect going on there. Which, by the way, should have done it for me. Hands down. No brainer.

It didn't. That's saying something. -___-;;;