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Tethered Twins

Tethered Twins - Mike Essex I won an e-copy of this book on LibraryThings giveaway and was asked to provide an honest review.

I wish I could like this book... but I just don't. This is a futuristic, dystopian story where everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE save a few people - has a twin to which their lives are tethered to (thus, the title of the book). It starts off... decently. I won't even say it starts off good, because it doesn't, but it isn't horrible. At least, not at first. But then it quickly spirals down into an incoherent mess. This book would have been at least/i> okay had it gone through a good comprehensive editing session (or ten) with an editor. If someone had pointed out all the errors and clunky writing in sentence structure and overall story construction (not to mention given them a heads up in the proper use of characterization), I think this story would have been alright.

As it is... I don't have much good to say about it. It was just a flop for me. :/