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Sand and Ruin and Gold

Sand and Ruin and Gold - Alexis Hall WARNING FOR THOSE WHO DON'T READ DESCRIPTIONS: This book has a HFN ending, which will hopefully be corrected with another book Y/Y??


I just read this book all in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. The concept, the COVER ART (LOOK AT THAT ARTPRON *FOAMS AT MOUTH BECAUSE HOMG PERFECTTTTT*), and characters, and ESPECIALLY the execution of the story was SO compelling and exquisitely done. I got to the end and literally screamed because "DON'T END IT THERE! GO WITH HIIIIIIMMMM UNDA DA SEAAAAAAAA!!" And when that DIDN'T happen, I was just... just so... soo... SOO--!!


I have never felt so betrayed in ALL MY LIFE! --Naw, I'm kidding. I've been betrayed worse. No joke.


This wasn't betrayal.

This was just an incredible story ending far too soon, when all I wanted was more. Even though that ending was perfect, and I don't want it to change. EVER. I just want MOARRRRRRRR