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Creation (The Chronicles of Ara #1)

Creation (The Chronicles of Ara #1) - Joel Eisenberg, Steve Hillard I didn't particularly like this book. It was... just too odd. I wish I could follow it better, but I just couldn't. I think there was more hype to it than was actually translated properly to the page. It seemed scatterbrained at best and then really interesting but unfocused at others.

It took me a really REALLY long time to finish this book, not because it was a difficult or long read, but because I just had NO interest in it - and that's saying something from me. This book should have been a fantastic read, and instead turned out to be full of hot air.


1/29/2015 Update & note of point: The Netgalley ARC I read this novel from was an uncorrected proof. I can only hope and pray that the published version is 1000 times better.