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Travels with Penny: True Tales of a Gay Guy and His Mother
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달콤한 피 2
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Arena, Chapter 2
Lehanan Aida
Ashamet, Desert Born
Terry Jackman
Looking for Potholes: Poems
Joe Wenke
Red Queen
Victoria Aveyard
Lukos Heat
Megan Derr
The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks
Sam Maggs
The Dangers of Fairy Compacts
Katey Hawthorne
The Library at Mount Char
Scott Hawkins

Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons, #1

Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons, #1 - Lexi Ander Gave Twin Flames a rating of 4.5 Stars on my blog.

Originally read this book last year for the first time, but ended up re-reading it again on Jan 2-3, 2015 because I got my hands on the second book in the series and needed a refresher. And... since it is still technically a read for the year, I'm also letting it count in my tally for a couple different 2015 reading challenges I'm participating in.

You can find my original review for it on my blog:
Reckless Indulgence | of the Written Word