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Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series)

Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series) - Kate Thomas, Nicole Hewitt, Book Cover by Design Review will go live later today on my blog. Will update with link later~

REVIEW IS LIVE! Check it out here:
Reckless Indulgence | of the Written Word

Here's the start:
Oho~ Well, well, well! This wasn’t half bad a read! I’m not sure if I’d ever get into this series (as in, actually want to pick up any more books and read them), but this book was a great introduction to the Resounding series, its characters, and world.

The ending kind of irked me a bit, but I have to remember it is a series and there needs to be some kind of hook to get you to want to read the next book. Sadly, I won’t be doing so, but it’s still a good hook regardless.

I think there’s a lot to work with here, in terms of story and plot, conflict, and all that… so I believe any follow-up books (and prior ones too) would be great reads...


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