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Travels with Penny: True Tales of a Gay Guy and His Mother
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달콤한 피 2
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Arena, Chapter 2
Lehanan Aida
Ashamet, Desert Born
Terry Jackman
Looking for Potholes: Poems
Joe Wenke
Red Queen
Victoria Aveyard
Lukos Heat
Megan Derr
The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks
Sam Maggs
The Dangers of Fairy Compacts
Katey Hawthorne
The Library at Mount Char
Scott Hawkins

Sweet Blood, Volume #1

Sweet Blood, Volume #1 - Seyoung Kim Wow... it's been so long since I've read this series. I gotta say it's REALLY weird coming back to it again. I still love how everything's playing out. Our... EHEM... "heroine" is totally not falling for any of your nonsense and furthermore is keeping one step ahead of the game (so he thinks anyway). Our demon-vampire-dragon guy is also hilarious and an ass, but that's what makes him adorably likable in this instance. And of course my dragon retainer will never not amuse.

I swear reading about all of them is like reminiscing some long forgotten memory or something. Freaky feeling, but still a great read nonetheless!