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BookLikes Know-How: Affiliate Programs for Book Bloggers

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Nearly 900 affiliate programs are now being used by book bloggers on BookLikes! If you'd like to join and get paid for what you've read & reviewed, here's your chance. Oh, and no worries, you don't have to be all techie-techie, we show you how to get it all set. :-)


If you already cooperate with a bookstore, e.g. Amazon, Powell's, Book Depository or other (for current bookstores see your Settings) you can connect your affiliate IDs with BookLikes account, and get 100% of the commission set by the seller. We are regularly trying to add more sellers, too.


Now, don't worry if you're not familiar with affiliate programs. Getting started is easy and only  requires a few clicks. We'll be happy to provide you with a quick know-how in this topic. For your convenience and ours, we'll use affiliate ID and associate ID interchangeably in the following post. 


Please have a look at step-by-step guidebook of how to use affiliate programs on BookLikes.



3 steps to start earning on your book blog on BookLikes:



1. Add your affiliate IDs and connect your BookLikes account 

with your associate IDs



     a. If you're already cooperating with bookstores, add your affiliate IDs in Settings/Affiliate Programs


     b. If you're not cooperating with bookstores, visit the bookstores webpages where you can find more information on how to become an affiliate partner. The process is very simple and does not require technical knowledge. You'll be asked to provide your personal data as well as your blog's information, and then your unique Associates ID will be generated.


Please have in mind, that each bookstore requires a unique Associates ID, including different Amazon sites in different countries. Amazon's FAQ page says: 

For those Associates who want to link to other Amazon sites, you can also join the Associates Programs on those sites. They are separate programs from the Amazon.com program, and you must sign up on each individual site to participate. (click for more information

When your IDs are ready, you're all set to connect your BookLikes blog and your Associates IDs in Settings/Affiliate Programs on BookLikes.


You don’t have to stick to one program, you can choose several to increase your profit rate. Copy the IDs and paste them in the appropriate affiliate program spots in your Settings. Remember to Save your Settings on BookLikes. 




2. Start shelving and reviewing on BookLikes


When you connect your associate IDs with your BookLikes account in Settings, all books that you put on your shelf and add to your texts and reviews on your BookLikes webpage will use your affiliate ID. 


This means that, whenever someone clicks the book from your virtual bookshelf or a book review and buys it, you'll get 100% of the commission set by a particular bookstore. Remember that the percentage of a profit is set by a given bookstore and can vary, depending on the affiliate program you're using. 


Affiliate programs selected by you are highlighted with your avatar in the book windows on your blog and your virtual bookshelf.




3. Track your links and measure your profit


Each bookstore will provide you with a panel where you'll be able to track your IDs, look through detailed reports about link performance, and check how much revenue did you make. 


What's important, is the fact that on BookLikes the blogger gets 100% of the commission set by the seller. Yay! 


*** ***




Combine your passion for books and blogging with the affiliate programme and generate a revenue. Competent and valuable reviews, not just opinionated pieces, are what really do bring readers to your profile and consequently generate your profile.


With all that been said, it's totally justified to make a statement: "Yes, I will read all day!", don't you think? 


Now all you have to do is read, review and blog. 



P.S. Now you can :-)



In case of any questions concerning affiliate programs or any other matter, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help :)

When Animals Attack

Reblogged from Derrolyn Anderson:

Sweet Blood, Volume #1

Sweet Blood, Volume #1 - Seyoung Kim Wow... it's been so long since I've read this series. I gotta say it's REALLY weird coming back to it again. I still love how everything's playing out. Our... EHEM... "heroine" is totally not falling for any of your nonsense and furthermore is keeping one step ahead of the game (so he thinks anyway). Our demon-vampire-dragon guy is also hilarious and an ass, but that's what makes him adorably likable in this instance. And of course my dragon retainer will never not amuse.

I swear reading about all of them is like reminiscing some long forgotten memory or something. Freaky feeling, but still a great read nonetheless!

Jupiter's Legacy, Book One

Jupiter's Legacy, Book One - Mark Millar, Frank Quitely I'd give this one 2.5/3 Stars. Something like that. It's not that it was bad, just didn't hold my interest as well as it should have. There were moments of greatness, but mostly just 'Ehh' with lots of shoulder shrugging.

Low (Volume 1: The Delirium of Hope)

Low (Volume 1: The Delirium of Hope) - Rick Remender I'm torn, because it was sorta okay, but I did like parts of it. Also the art was gorgeous, which doesn't help matters much at all.

I'll think about it some more before I decide on a definite rating, but it's somewhere around 2 or 3 stars. I will probably look for the next volume to this series as well, simply because the cliffhangers was torturous. (It was just starting to kinda get interesting!!)

Arena (Arena #1)

Arena (Arena #1) - Lehanan Aida, Tabe Chan I wish I had known about this fantastic series sooner! I've been wallowing in serious Spartacus withdrawal for far too long. This is deliciously right up my alley. The artwork and dialogue are exquisite. Historical fiction with a dash of all things sexually fluid and ambiguous? HELL YES. I'll be keeping an eye out for further developments in this one, fer sure~~ >3


Undersea - X. Aratare Actual rating is probably more around 3.5 Stars, but I'm rounding up.

After reading that ending, I have only one thing to stay:



.....where is the next book already?????? We need it NOW.

Masks and Mirrors (Book Two: The Weir Chronicles)

Masks and Mirrors (Book Two: The Weir Chronicles) - Sue Duff Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars

What an explosive adventure! And that ending! ASDFGHJKLLJJGFCJFUFUFYDTVJVFD HOLY CRAP! That ending was a serious eye-opener!

This coming from a first-time reader to the series, I am definitely hooked! My biggest concern while reading this was that I wouldn't understand what was going on (after all, I was missing the events of a whole book!), but thankfully that didn't seem to be the case. The story definitely seems to pick up right where the previous one ended, but that's still okay, because the story read as though you walked into a crime scene, not knowing what happened, but your job is to figure it out as you go along.(Which was fantastic, by the way!!!!)

My number one question while reading this was, "Who the HELL is EVE???" And wouldn'tcha know it? My question gets revealed on the VERY LAST FRIGGIN PAGE OF THE BOOK! (How could you do that to me, Sue?? Hooooow?????) I don't know if I'm upset or just simply mindblown from the revelation.

Note on the semantics of the book: writing, characters, plot, world-building, delivery, and finer stylistic elements all soooo well done. I was thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. <3 <3 <3 I love when para-worlds, alternate dimensions, and all that jazz come together in a believable and seamless way. Really makes my day -- and this book delivers on every note. I can only imagine how good the first book must be to get a sequel like this!<br/>
I'm going to try my hardest to get my hands on the first book and be on the lookout for the upcoming 3rd book in 2016!

I'd highly recommend this book, even if I haven't read any others in the series, to just about anyone who loves a good Sci-fi esque, fantasy, dystopian-esque, secret-war-going-on-behind-the-human's-backs-and-right-under-their-noses sort of book.

Dark Prince Volume 3

Dark Prince Volume 3 - X. Aratare Re-read it again today. <3 Love it just as much as I did the first time around. <3

Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons Book 3)

Dreams of the Forgotten (Sumeria's Sons Book 3) - Lexi Ander This was possibly one of the best in the series thus far. I am all kinds of ecstatic.

Proper review will come when I can get to a computer and type this all down properly, but just know.... this was THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE ASKED FOR. Thanks for making my *entire* weekend. xD

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde Review will go live later today on my blog. Will update with link later~

Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series)

Resounding Truth: (Werewolf Novella) (The Resounding Series) - Kate Thomas, Nicole Hewitt, Book Cover by Design Review will go live later today on my blog. Will update with link later~

REVIEW IS LIVE! Check it out here:
Reckless Indulgence | of the Written Word

Here's the start:
Oho~ Well, well, well! This wasn’t half bad a read! I’m not sure if I’d ever get into this series (as in, actually want to pick up any more books and read them), but this book was a great introduction to the Resounding series, its characters, and world.

The ending kind of irked me a bit, but I have to remember it is a series and there needs to be some kind of hook to get you to want to read the next book. Sadly, I won’t be doing so, but it’s still a good hook regardless.

I think there’s a lot to work with here, in terms of story and plot, conflict, and all that… so I believe any follow-up books (and prior ones too) would be great reads...


There’s a book tour and book giveaway going on until the 3rd, so go check them both out here.

The Daring Assignment (The Curvy Assignments #1)

The Daring Assignment (The Curvy Assignments #1) - Victoria Bright I give this 4.5 Stars! A fantastic read!

My final review will go live on my blog tomorrow, 3/27/15!!!

REVIEW IS LIVE! Check it out here:
Reckless Indulgence |of the Written Word

Corsair, Volume 01

Corsair, Volume 01 - Fuuko Minami, Erii Misono I read this a while back... but I don't remember what it was really about. Maybe I'll re-read it again and give it a rating. Maybe not. Who knows?

Hawkeye #11

Hawkeye #11 - Matt Fraction, David Aja I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED

Flower Shadow's Memory

Flower Shadow's Memory - Saori Mieno Actual rating is more like 1.5 Stars, but I just can't bring myself to rate it up so it's just getting a single star here on GR.